Turn your photography workflow into a competitive advantage.

Join commercial sports photographer and Camera Bits Ambassador Jeff Vogan in a live on-line workshop to make your workflow faster and more efficient.  

There are currently two workshops being offered: 

1. Getting Started with Photo Mechanic (aka Photo Mechanic 101) is perfect for new users.

2. Streamline Your Workflow with Photo Mechanic will make intermediate and experienced PM users faster and more efficient.

Whether you are on a deadline to get images to a news service or an SID, covering the Olympics, taking portraits for a sports league, a dance studio or a corporate client, shooting a swim meet, soccer tournament, or a rodeo, on safari or you simply have a lot of images to manage, this workshop will teach you techniques to save you valuable time and effort. Whether you are a working pro photographer or just starting out, these workshops will improve your workflow.

The workshops will be recorded and placed online for 30 days following the workshop for review.

Paid attendees of the workshop will receive a $25 discount on private 1:1 sessions for 30 days following the workshop.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” - Japanese Proverb

The Workshops

This workshop is geared for those that are new to PM or have only been scratching the surface. You've heard of PM and other photogs tell you that you need it. Shorten your learning curve so that you spend less time at the computer and more time shooting.

$139 CDN

This workshop is for experienced PM users who want to get faster, more efficient and master more of the powerful features like variables, Code Replacements and Hot Codes. This workshop will make you faster between the shutter click and delivering your images.

$239 CDN

Workshop Affiliates

Camera Bits


The workshops are recorded for later review.

The recordings will be on-line for 30 days following the workshop.

The class sizes are small to make the workshop more interactive.

You will receive access to my private training resources.

You will receive access to numerous templates to cover multiple scenarios.


Workshop Testimonials

“This has changed my life. I use Jeff’s technique when I shoot music festivals. Jeff is a wizard, a master.”

Mick Orlosky, Director of Marketing, Camera Bits Inc.

"Jeff is a talented photographer as well as a great person. I recently attended one of this virtual workshops where he not only greatly improved my workflow as a photographer but went the extra mile by spending the time to cater his knowledge of Photo Mechanic to fit my exact needs working with big clients. In doing so he not only saved me countless hours of editing time but treated me like I was family and I think that is worth mentioning.

10/10 recommend working with and learning from Jeff!"

James Gilbert, James Gilbert Photo

"Jeff is absolutely brilliant when it comes to photography! I took his workshop and it has completely changed my business and how I process images for my clients."

Paul Shepardson, Paul Shepardson Photography

"Genius! Jeff is pure genius!! He has given me the tools, as a fellow photographer, that have literally changed my business model. I have been able to grow from taking on a few team & individual shoots for local sport teams to entire large, 800+ athlete leagues. Nothing I have found even comes close to his workflow and he knows the software through and through and is able to help problem solve and find solutions for any problems we have faced in terms of organizing, renaming, and applying metatadata to hundreds and thousands of images, and he has found a way to automate it, saving me hundreds of hours on the back end. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being so helpful and willing to find solutions for us. 10 out of 10, highly recommend!"

Tiffany Stewart, Love Your Smile Photography

"Jeff is hands down awesome! His knowledge of Photo Mechanic is unmatched in my opinion. Whether you are new or experienced, you can always learn something from Jeff. He is an asset to the photography world and changed the way I ingested my files forever! If you have not taken one of Jeff's classes, you don't know what you're missing!"

Travis Cowger, Take The Shot Sports 

"Best money I spent ever!"

Kelly Evans

"I attended the workshop a couple of weeks ago and have shaved HOURS off of my workflow immediately. Best. Money. Spent. In a long, long time!!!"

Fabiana Loverde de Huffaker

"Took SPORTDAD's "Streamline Your Workflow with Photo Mechanic" course. Easily the best money I have spent in years on education. I can already see how incorporating his processes will speed up my existing workflow. As an added bonus, his digital asset management practices are exactly what I've been looking for. Highly, highly recommended."

Scott Frazee

"Great course.. well worth the money!"

Reggie Hildred, InnerVision Photography

"Jeff has developed a wealth of information for utilizing all the features offered in Photo Mechanic. He shares "tried and true" methods that will speed up your workflow in culling and tagging photographs in record time. Top notch photographer that likes helping others grow."

Debbi Conlon, Debbi Conlon Photography

"Thank you again for the great workshop. I had no trouble with an equestrian shoot this weekend because of all I learned from you. ...Created a .tsv file from Google docs/sheets, ...added a huge amount of metadata using variables, ...ingested a thousand plus photos, ...could easily name the riders and the horses using the code replacements, ...culled in record time, edited in LR, and off they went to the editors!

What used to take me two or three days with many errors and kickbacks - was 30 minutes and accepted. I'm almost embarrassed at how good I was.😁   Thank you!"

Pam Jensen, Pamela Jensen Photography

"Jeff has mastered Photo Mechanic. While Camera Bits has designated him an Ambassador, he is more akin to a wizard when it comes to teaching to use this tool. This workshop was well organized and professionally delivered. Jeff knows his subject. If you want to learn to really use Photo Mechanic, sign up and hold onto your hat. Every minute is filled with actionable information."

Drew Turner

"Great teacher! Need to learn Photo Mechanic Jeff is the man to teach you! And you get to see some of his amazing photos!"

Michelle Bebeau

"Purchased the Photo Mechanic class and was super impressed. Jeff's knowledge was amazing and information and instructions on how to use it to benefit my business practices were over the top. Emails with questions were answered quickly and being able to ask questions during the class was very helpful. Small class size structure kept things more personal and I didn't just feel like a number. GREAT EXPERIENCE!"

Cheryl Gray

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