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Training and Education by Jeff Vogan

Jeff Vogan is an experienced educator and speaker. He is an instructor for Summit Workshops and is available for 1:1 personal instruction. Jeff is also available as a speaker and has given hundreds of presentations across two continents. 

Summit Workshops: Summit Online

Jeff Vogan is an instructor at Summit Workshops  teaches workflow during the Sports and Lighting workshops, as well as Summit Online workshops. 

SPORTDAD YouTube Channel

Jeff Vogan creates instructional videos that can be found on YouTube,  click here.

1:1 Personal Instruction

An instructor with Summit Workshops, Jeff offers 1:1 on-line training on a number of topics, including:

   ≈ Streamline Your Workflow with Photo Mechanic   

   ≈ Swimming Photography (All Levels)

"I took Jeff’s one-on-one class “Advanced Workflow with Photo Mechanic” which taught me his lightning-fast workflow for sports photography. Jeff’s course notes are straightforward, step-by-step instructions that I will continue to use in order to customize Photo Mechanic and my Nikon camera to fit my needs."

~John Heggie, Game Winning Shots, North Carolina, USA

Speaking Engagements

Jeff Vogan is available as a speaker. 

"From Hobbyist to Full-Time Sports Photographer"

Jeff Vogan received his first camera as a graduation present, inheriting his love of photography from his Dad.  His passion for sports photography started when his son started playing sports. In 2016 he made the decision to leave the corporate world and pursue his passion for photography. In this presentation, Vogan will discuss the road to going from a hobbyist photographing his on to a full-time sports photographer capturing professional sports and Olympic medalists. He will discuss the challenges faced, his learnings, and the business side. Whether you will always remain a hobbyist or have aspirations to become a professional photographer, there will be something to learn from his experiences.

Jeff Vogan

Jeff Vogan

Jeff Vogan Photography

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