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Jeff is an experienced speaker and is available for speaking engagements.  Jeff has travelled extensively for speaking engagements across North America and Japan.

"From Hobbyist to Full-Time Sports Photographer"

Jeff Vogan received his first camera as a graduation present, inheriting his love of photography from his Dad.  His passion for sports photography started when his son started playing sports. In 2016 he made the decision to leave the corporate world and pursue his passion for photography. Now a Camera Bits Ambassador and a Getty contributor, Jeff will discuss the road to going from a hobbyist photographing his on to a full-time sports photographer capturing professional sports and Olympic medalists. He will discuss the challenges faced, his learnings, and the business side. Whether you will always remain a hobbyist or have aspirations to become a professional photographer, there will be something to learn from his experiences.


"Jeff Vogan recently (October 2021) spoke at the London Camera Club and, I have to admit, for a person (me) that doesn't take a lot of sports photography. I was blown away. I learned a lot from Jeff's tips. The quality of his images are outstanding. He's an excellent speaker and very professional in his presentations. I would highly recommend Jeff as a presenter as well as a photographer at a sporting event."

Harry Cartner, President, The London Camera Club

"Jeff Vogan has been a guest presenter at the Etobicoke Camera Club twice. He is very professional, engaging, and very knowledgeable in not only the art of sports photography but the entire editing and workflow processes. We highly recommend him to all camera clubs."

Barb Marszalek, Etobicoke Camera Club Programs Chair

"Jeff's presentation to the Trillium Photographic Club was informative, educational and well received by our members. Jeff is articulate and adds a touch of humour in his talk. His photos showed his well honed photography skills developed over many decades, as well as his dedication to capture athletes at their very best. He shared with us the details on how he shot and processed his images, many of these techniques can apply to nature photographers as well. Jeff is definitely someone whom our camera club would like to invite back in the future."

Orchid Fung, Program Chair, Trillium Photographic Club

Jeff Vogan
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