Want Images of Your Athlete?

How it works...

Step 1: Review sample images. Like my work?

Step 2: Review price list. See what you want to order. 

Step 3: SIGN-UP. I only photograph those that are signed-up.  

Step 4: Pay at the meet before your athlete's race.

Step 5: Enjoy the race!

After You Sign-Up

1. You should receive a confirmation email from Jeff Vogan Photography within minutes of submitting your sign-up form. If not, check your junk folder.

2. The confirmation email will give you the instructions of when and where to view your photos.

4. It takes approximately a week to post the images on the website (galleries are below).

5. We do not send an email when images are posted. Please check the website.

After the Competition

When the images will be ready: Images will be posted on the website typically within a week.

We do not send an email when your images are ready.  Check the website a few days following the event.

Password protected gallery. Click on the image of your swimmer and you may be asked for a password. This is the password you set when you registered. Check the confirmation email. 

Ordering prints: If you take the digital images somewhere to get printed, I do not guarantee the quality of the prints. I do guarantee the quality I print them. We print each image individually on a pro printer using archival lustre paper that is designed to last 200 years (so we're told).

Watermarks do not appear on purchased images.

Social Media: Be sure to follow @jeffvoganphotography on social media. I am even known to post specials on social media. We love seeing customers' images posted.  If you post a one of my images, please tag #jeffvoganphotography

Image Galleries

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