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Private 1:1 Sessions

If you have taken one of Jeff's workshops or attended one of his presentations, you know that there is potential to dive deeper into a topic to apply to your specific requirements.

The private 1:1 sessions are a perfect follow-up to continue your training after attending one of Jeff's workshops or presentations.

Camera Bits Ambassador Jeff Vogan offers 1:1 on-line training on a number of topics, including:

   ≈ Streamline Your Workflow with Photo Mechanic 

   ≈ Photo Mechanic and Lightroom integration

   ≈ Swimming Photography 

   ≈ Customizing your SmugMug website

Private 1:1 Session Testimonials

"Jeff's system for harnessing the power of Photo Mechanic and already-available features on my camera will save me dozens of hours of work per project, ensure fewer mistakes in my workflow, and ultimately help me bid on team and individual projects with a certainty and confidence I definitely wouldn't have otherwise had. Thanks to Jeff's workflow, I can bid on and execute big photo days with half the staff, spending half the time to deliver a higher quality product to my clients."

Owen Main, Owen Main Photography

"I took Jeff’s one-on-one class “Advanced Workflow with Photo Mechanic” which taught me his lightning-fast workflow for sports photography. Jeff’s course notes are straightforward, step-by-step instructions that I will continue to use in order to customize Photo Mechanic and my Nikon camera to fit my needs."

John Heggie, Game Winning Shots, North Carolina, USA

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