2018 Trojan Cup

Update: We are on track to have the edited images uploaded by Friday, December 7th.  

Your Password: If you forget your gallery password, it is in the confirmation email you would have received when you registered.

For those that purchased a Gallery: When they are ready, you will find the images below.  From your computer (not a phone or tablet), simply click the "DOWNLOAD GALLERY" button, enter your email address and in a couple of minutes the website will send you a verification email with a link to click to download your images. 

Bought a Gallery and now want prints? If you love your digital images, let SPORTDAD handle the printing to get the same care in printing as you got with shooting and editing. We print with archival quality ink and paper, so the photos have better colours and last longer than regular prints.

For those that ordered a single image or prints: Your images will be copy-protected and watermarked for you to review. Please email swim@sportdad.ca with your selection and we will repost the edited image and/or send the print to you.

On social media? Like and share SPORTDAD's Facebook posts from the meet! Like and comment on Instagram posts. SPORTDAD has been known to offer specials and the occasional complimentary photo to those that support us on social media. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we are SPORTDADca

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