Fun Competition 2017

Update May 1: We have uploaded the galleries of the skaters we can identify.  We have uploaded Friday's STAR 1 Free Skate groups. We need the parents to send us a note to help identify your skater. Once done, we will put your skater in an individual gallery for you.

We have printed the photographs that had been identified for print. They were mailed the morning of April 27th.  

For those that purchased a single image or prints and were going to select later, please let us know which image(s) you have selected.

We only post images to the website for this people who have purchased images or those that request we post images for review.

Since we edit each image individually, we do not do the final edits until the images have been purchased. It saves time and cost. If you are interested in purchasing images, please contact SPORTDAD.

For those that ordered a gallery: Click on the photo of your gallery and enter the password your provided during registration. If you have forgotten the password, it is listed on the confirmation email you should have received when you registered. Click the yellow DOWNLOAD button and enter your email address. The website will send you a verification email with a link. Click that link and the images will download you your computer. Please note that the DOWNLOAD button will not appear on a phone or tablet (it must be a computer).

We don't send an email. There are hundreds of competitors so we don't send an email when your images are posted. Please check the website for the images. Images should all be posted now. We just need some parents to help us identify their skaters from STAR 1 Free Skate.

The watermarks are removed for the purchased images.

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