How to Download Your Images

SPORTDAD delivers digital images via this website.  Below are the instructions on how to download your images.

Step 1: Navigate to the gallery for the appropriate event. It is usually at the bottom of the landing page, for example

Step 2. Click on the image for the event.

Step 3. Scroll down until you find your athlete. They should be listed in alphabetical order by first name.  Click on the image of your athlete.

Step 4. Type in your password. If you forget it, look for the confirmation email from Jeff Vogan Photography. If you don't see it in your inbox, check your junk folder.

Step 5. If you purchased the digital gallery, click the purple DOWNLOAD GALLERY button and enter your email address. The website will zip up the images and email you a confirmation with a link. Click that link and the images will download to your computer. Note: The DOWNLOAD button will not appear if you are using a tablet or a phone.

Step 6. If you purchased a single digital image, you will see all of the images unedited. When you have made your choice, email the image number to info@jeffvogan.comWe will eliminate the ones you did not select and repost the edited image.  To download that image, either right-click to download, or click the DOWNLOAD button below the image.

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